Happy Halloween/ Samhain

Whatever your plans stay safe tonight and know that we are here for you if you need to talk.

We have been enjoying this blog talk radio gig since May of this year (just as the pandemic got crazy). We have shared our lives with you as we navigate through this year together. You are not alone. I have been doing some volunteer training for my local community that involves advocating for survivors of violence. This has brought a lot of awareness to my attention about how we need to support and empower one another.

We are here to support you and offer a listening ear. We will not judge or discriminate. I personally am bound to confidentiality as a mandated reporter, but I will gladly explain that if you need clarification. We want to reach out and let you know that times of change and especially holidays may be rough for some people.

We encourage you to reach out and speak with us when we are LIVE on air on Mondays. However if that doesn’t work for you then send us an email at mentalacumenradio.com

We believe everyone deserves a chance to feel heard, supported, and empowered. We are here for you more as a supportive friend than a professional. I am here to provide health advice when solicited and Donald is here for a man’s perspective.

The Universe has called me to post this today in case you needed to know.

Happy Halloween/Samhain from Donald and Christie Rose

Published by Mental Acumen Radio

We are the hosts of a Radio show on FreedomizerRadio.com.

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