Thank You

Sincerely ❤️

We want to take a minute to appreciate YOU! We are so thankful to you for like, following, and sharing our content. We are getting noticed and that means we get to share more wellness information with everyone.

This journey just gets more exciting by the day. Mostly because of you. However it is also because you inspire us to learn and grow every single day. Wellness is our top priority as we figure out what our bodies need and want to keep them at peak performance.

I want to remind you that we are talking about emotions tomorrow at 5:30pm MST LIVE ON AIR. We welcome you to join us to chat about what role emotions play in your life. Positive and negative and everything in between. For most of us this whole year has been an emotional roller coaster and we are here to support you and listen to you as we journey together into a healthy lifestyle.

Emotions can look like any of these ⬆️

The short and sweet version is that EMOTIONS MATTER for EVERY SINGLE PERSON. No matter your gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other factors… We want to get real about emotions and acknowledge them.

Ok let’s end on a funny note 😁

We hope to see you tomorrow. Follow us so you stay in the know and I’ll post the show link here tomorrow!

Christie Rose and Donald

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