Holidays are Emotional for Us

Tomorrow we are going to share a little bit about why the holidays are emotional times for us. My mother passed away when I was a new mom. She was only 37. I miss her dearly and it is emotional to think I am older than my mom.

Donald lost his father when he was a new father and he is thankful for the time he had. However holidays are a time for family and when someone is missing in your life for any reason it can be difficult as the holidays approach.

Although loss is part of life it is not our only focus. I am so thankful to have my two grown daughters and my two healthy and happy grandchildren. Donald has his daughter. We have plenty of reasons to be happy and thankful during this holiday season. We want to encourage you to focus on gratitude to help you heal.

Join us tomorrow 5:30pm MST to listen to our stories or share your own. Stay tuned for the link to the LIVE show.

Christie Rose, BBA, HC

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