Winter Solstice/ Christmas

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We are so excited to celebrate with you tomorrow on the air. Please check out the blog post that I shared about the winter solstice. I keep wanting to type “soulstice” and I guess that is because it is also accurate in a way. I think that the longest night of the year and the darkest day of the year is a great time for us to tune into our soul. Regardless of the religion that you follow or adhere to winter is a time of death and change. Personally, after this trying year that we will maybe not so lovingly refer to as 2020 has been a challenge to say the least. We are due for some change.

Many religions have different celebrations and traditions that fall on or around the winter solstice. However, I believe it is important to focus more on personal introspection and soul searching instead of the material or commercial aspects of this and any other holiday. Let’s focus on the death of the year and a time of change by spending quality time with our loved ones (even if we can not afford gifts) and hugging them just a little tighter as we solidify our memories, enjoy the moment, and ponder on our future plans.

Whether you get to spend time with family or not remember to take time for self reflection and self care. It is important that we cherish our bodies, minds, and spirits as we approach winter because it can be a dark quiet time. Negative feelings and emotions tend to bubble up as we are more isolated due to less sunlight, less contact with other (thanks covid), and just an overall dark slowness that encompasses this time of year. It is important to reach out when you need support for your mental and physical health. None of us are mind readers and in this fast paced world that we live in we are less connected than ever.

I am not a licensed therapist, but I have been trained to help process emotions and feelings. I am also a trained health coach so I can help you feel stronger and more prepared to tackle the world. It is important to plan your introspection and quiet time accordingly. Please consider letting someone know or preparing by collection numbers of people or organizations you can call if you get overwhelmed. We have all been under a lot of stress this year. It is time to make a plan to safely release some of this stress by really being in the present and taking some quiet time to reflect. This can look different for everyone and may be done alone or with others. I like a quiet candle lit room with pen and paper nearby to meditate while soft comforting music plays in the background. I will either just sit with my thoughts, express feelings that come up like crying, journal, meditate, practice reiki on myself, or enjoy a cacao ceremony. I would love to help you discover your comfortable setting for reflection and introspection.

Remember we just finished a five part series about emotions and feelings if you want to check out our older episodes they are all in this blog feed. Just choose the episode and scroll down to the source link to listen.

We are curious what your holiday traditions and plans are for this year. What do you have planned for winter? We are hoping to see family and enjoy some home made goodies while we visit. We plan to take some home made chex mix and exchange gifts. We are looking forward to spending time with our listeners like you tomorrow as we talk about our plans, the winter solstice ( or “soulstice”), Christmas, and reflection of the year and our feelings.

Winter is a time for things on the Earth to die or hibernate only to be reborn in the spring. Unfortunately, humans are so stressed out that we are ill equipped to handle the stress of winter. However, we can work to support on another and look at this as a time to release old negative energy and feelings to relieve our bodies and minds. This way we can be reborn in the spring with a lighter happier body, mind, and spirit.

Join us tomorrow as we talk about the holiday season.

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