Last Day of 2020

How was your year? Life has changed for Donald and myself in so many ways this year. He was recovering from a back injury. I had a car wreck in January of 2020 that injured my back and right hip leaving me unable to drive this year. We have struggled to decipher the truth about the presidential election and COVID-19.

We started Mental Acumen on Freedomizer during the heart of the pandemic. Then we decided we needed this website and I recently started the weekly blog for this website. We struggled with finances as did many other families during the course of this crazy year.

I got a grandchild added to my family this year. I had a car pass away this year. We also attended the funeral of Donald’s grandma. We have visited family and hugged everyone and told them that we love them because we do not know what will happen next. I started my second bachelors this year at ASU online for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It has been eye opening and we are trying to decide what career choices are next for our family.

I solidified my desire to manifest a large sum of money in the coming year and to buy a farm. We also want to build a cabin on our Colorado land so that we can retire there if we choose. We are looking to move further south in the next 5 years or less so we can be closer to family. We are actively making plans for our future and our choices will be in line with those plans soon.

We share this with you because you feel like friends. We would love to listen to you share your story with us via commenting on this post, calling in LIVE ON AIR, or even via email We are sharing this journey of learning and growing in a healthy loving way with you. Whether you have followed us since the beginning or you just found us today… stop by and say hello.

We didn’t really talk about new year’s superstitions on the show but consider doing a quick google search and try some out for yourself such as my tried and true if eating black eyed peas on the 1st.

This post was not planned and we will still be continuing our regular schedule next year. Stay tuned and join in this process with us.

Donald and Christie Rose

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