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Donald and I chatted about what obstacles we have overcome and what we want to get out of this next year during our last episode. We are excited to start our five part radio series about Destress and Detox. We will interrupt our series for a special guest all the way from Australia. We have invited Susan to join us this month on the 25th so mark your calendar because you do not want to miss her.

Donald and I both agree that like attracts like. You may have heard us say these exact words during one of our episodes last year. Keeping this in mind along with our goals. Donald wants to be outdoors and go fishing more this year. I want to manifest abundance and wealth during my healing process so I can afford to financially enjoy traveling with Donald and physically enjoy more outdoor activities while I continue to help others reach their personal health goals. We believe that if we send these ideas out into the Universe and make an effort every day to work toward these goals that they will happen.

I have started a gratitude jar and a gratitude journal (the I AM journal to be exact). Every morning and evening I take a few minutes to write out my goals and what I am grateful for as I really enjoy what it feels like to have these goals become a reality. Yes, Donald has told me many times that I can scare people off with my hippie dippie guru talk. However, the law of attraction is real and being grateful for what you have every single days helps to put your body, mind and spirit in a positive state. Yes, I also know that every day will not be all puppy dogs and rainbows. I just choose to be a positive person. It is a conscious effort and I will share my journey with you along the way.

I would love to hear what you are grateful for this year. Also, I want to encourage you to focus on the things you are grateful for because this will help you feel strong and powerful and in control of your own life. We make choices every single day that can affect our body, mind, and spirit. Not to mention that our choices can affect our loved ones, coworkers, and even strangers that we meet. When I focus on what I am grateful for it makes me feel complete and whole which enables me to better show up for my loved ones and also to be of service to my community. I am excited to see what this year has in store for me as I start my volunteering journey, get to know my Kappa Tau Kappa sisters, finish my bachelor’s in Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ASU, deepen my intimacy with Donald, enjoy my children and grandchildren, provide health coaching to my clients, and of course see where this radio show and blog gig takes Donald and me.

This year will be busy and will go fast. I do not want to miss one minute. I want to be fully present during the ups and downs that this year has in store for both of us. We would appreciate some supportive comments here on our website or LIVE ON AIR tomorrow (or any Monday during our show).

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us last year on this new journey and thank you for the continued support as you share our show with your friends and family. We are excited to see the growth and support as we learn and grow together.

See you tomorrow at 5:30-7pm MST!

Christie Rose, BBA, HC

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