Stress is Normal

We all experience stress at some point. Most of us experience stress every single day in some form or another. Stress is a normal part of our existence. While we generally think of stress as the enemy it is actually a tool that we can utilize to help us refocus and rebalance. Think about your stress for a moment. What stresses you out?

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It is actually a good thing to think about this now while you are not in the situation so that you can make a decision about how you will react the next time you encounter this situation….no matter how soon it happens. Here is one example, I have a core value of respecting the times of others. This causes me to desire to prepare and be on time to my appointments. So when I am getting ready for my appointment and something slows me down like traffic or weather….I get stressed. This stress causes me to hurry and get to my destination. This stress was a good thing as long as I did not allow it cause me to get into an accident of any sort.

This is just a basic example because I am sharing a more personal experience on the show that is affecting me now. This example may not ring true for you but let me use one more to see if that helps. I am a person who is very calm under pressure while my insides may be all stressed and twisted up during chaotic times. I have had this experience at work in the past. I noticed that while I did not lash out at others or show a lot of outward signs of stress, I was internalizing it. So I overate and gained a lot of weight. Some people will buzz around when stressed and my end up underweight. Either way is not healthy.

It is important to look at stress as a motivator to help you accomplish your task. It is a way for our bodies to help us prepare for a particular situation. When we realize this and utilize stress to our benefit we can conquer any situation.

On the show, I shared a little bit about my struggle as my surgery date approaches and my stress turned into anxiety. I had to destress by reaching out family and friends and venting and hearing supportive words until I felt better. When you are in the middle of stress it is difficult to take the time for self care such as a bubble bath, meditation, or even reading a book. I found it hard to focus on my school work and classes just started. Now I can focus on my gratitude and be more optimistic as Wednesday approaches.

Thank you all for following and supporting us as we go on this exciting journey that is Mental Acumen Radio. We are having a great time and look forward to what this year has in store for us.

Christie Rose, BBA, HC

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