Utilize Stress

We have been chatting about detoxing and destressing on the radio show. Last blog I mentioned that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Now I am suggesting taking it one step further and consider how you can utilize your stress to motivate you. If you are stressed at work and you find that taking a run helps to clear your mind this is a way to utilize stress. Another way to utilize stress is to notice that you are stressed and use that to motivate you to preform your favorite self care practices.

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I utilized my stress as I was panicking about my upcoming surgery a couple of weeks ago. I found that I was so stressed I was having physical symptoms. I chose to reach out to friends and family and spent some time talking on the phone. I reevaluated my stress level after each phone call and kept going until I felt better. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and other times we need someone to provide encouraging words to help.

I do want to apologize for not getting Susan on the radio show last week as that stressed me out a bit. I have planned to connect with her this upcoming week and record the chat for us to play on next week’s radio episode before we start the show.

I also want to mention that I am so excited about the upcoming series we are creating for you as we approach Valentine’s Day. We are going to talk about Love and Gratitude.

And here is my shameless plug….I have realized that there are people that want the health coaching help that I can provide but funds are limited. I have decided to create a members only group that will have weekly challenges and prizes. It will be $25 a month (price locks in so join early) and you will get access to a members only Facebook group with educational materials from me in a positive environment where everyone is on a journey of health and wellness discovery. The group starts in March, but I have started asking questions to tailor the needs of the individuals in the group so you do not want to miss this part. The price will be going up the next month as I iron out the details.

We hope to hear from you tomorrow on the show. Either way, join us and listen in as we talk about stress and detox. I have uploaded some new music to debut and we are working on some new ads as well.

Christie Rose Yielding, BBA, HC

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