Sometimes My Stress Has Stress

Managing stress can be an uphill battle that we fight every day. That is why this radio series about Destress and Detox was a great way to start this year off. Feel free to go back and listen to them if you have not yet. We are bombarded with stress from every angle and it can be difficult to take a breath.

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I am stressed about my recovery from surgery, money, career, future, and so much more. I try to find a balance by prioritizing and focusing on one stressful thing at a time so that I do not overwhelm myself. I am great at multitasking but find that if I am multitasking I do not get things accomplished and completed as quickly. Whereas if I focus on one thing like a school assignment then I can get it done and turned in before I do my chores for the day.

I even get stressed the more I learn. An example of this is the Super bowl. I do not personally watch football but I have learned a lot about seedy thigs that happen because I like to learn from true crime and non profit organizations. I have learned that sex trafficking is a huge business during the Super bowl. This makes me sick to my stomach to think about all of the women and children that are being taken advantage of and forced into this horrible situation. I understand that if there were no customers it would not exist and that only makes things worse.

Another stress for today is losing another family animal. My daughter is on her way to the vet now to have our family dog euthanized. I realize it may be the only option and yet my heart hurts. I am still sad about losing my cat recently. I asked her to tell him that I love him and feed him a special treat. I got to see him on our last visit and he wagged his tail so much and whined and loved on me. I am so thankful for that visit and will remember him so happy and loving.

Ok enough stressful and sad stuff. As you can tell life trips us up often and sometimes unexpectedly. How do we cope? We spent several weeks talking about this and will wrap it up tomorrow on the show. Today I am going to hold my three cats tight and pet them and tell them I love them. I am ok with being the crazy cat lady because I love animals and I am doing right by these animals. I made it outside to the front porch to sit on my rocker and enjoy some much needed sunshine. I just sat in peaceful silence and listened to the windchimes and birds. It was beautiful and rejuvenating. I have also discovered that I enjoy tuning into a healing reiki channel on YouTube and letting it play in the background while I do chores, write this blog, and work on school work. It is calming and helps me destress and stay focused.

What stresses you out? Call and let us know tomorrow at 6:00pm MST @ 319-527-6208 press 1

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