Patience is a Virtue

We have all heard these words at some point in our lives. If you are anything like me you struggle with employing patience in our world of immediate gratification. I remind my health coaching clients to be patient with themselves as they embark on a journey toward their health and wellness goals. The outcome is what happens when you are on your way to this predetermined goal that you set for yourself.

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I lack patience with myself, with other people, and pretty much every thing else. I have to take a step back and realize that the world does not revolve around me and my needs. We are all on a different journey in this life and no two journeys are exactly the same. We will all make plans and mistakes and ultimately end up exactly where we need to be in the end. I often find the need to remind myself that I am only in control of myself and my own actions.

This alleviates some stress as you can imagine when I am in a stressful situation such as line at a grocery store. I realize that I chose to shop at that particular time and check out at that particular time and that there are other people in the equation but I do not know what exactly caused the line so I get to decide if I will wait, shop some more (I am sure the store would like that), or if I am so frustrated that I will just leave my items at the store. Normally I am patient and will wait without making comments. Sometimes our temper or our time constraints get the better of us.

I have learned that more often than not patience is my friend. This was not an easy lesson. I was the young mom who thought I was late if I was on time and didn’t want to waste anyone else’s time for any reason. I would rather get to a place early and waste my own time. From time to time I would rely on someone else to lead the charge by riding with someone who maybe did not feel the same way I did and would make pit stops or take too long to get on the road. However, almost every single time I was so stressed on the inside and all my muscles were knotted up and my breath was shallow (which only affected my own personal body and was only hurting myself) only to find out that we were on time after all and the stress was for nothing.

I have become more and more patient as I have gotten older. I realize that I get there when I get there and that it all turns out ok. I have learned how to use my patience to ease my mind by saying to myself that the reason for my hold up in reaching my destination may have been a crucial part of my journey. For example, when I am in a hurry and get stopped at a red light it could be keeping me from being involved in an accident. I prefer to think positive and utilize tools at my disposal like my patience.

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