Changes and Changing

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We are wrapping up our latest series as spring is a time of change and growth. We are excited to get our summer plans going to see what fun adventures we can have this summer. We have both been going outside to enjoy the sunshine this past week and it boosts our mood and energy. I am excited to get my garden started and I have already been pulling weeds and cleaning up the leaves that I left from the fall. It is important to leave the leaves for the little creatures to find cover during the winter so I make sure to leave a few in the garden and flower beds. However, it is time to clean that up and let the plants grow and blossom.

Spring time is so invigorating to me as I age because I really enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on my skin and it motivates me to move and to get outside which alleviates some pain. I find that when I am busy playing and moving around I forget that I am hurting and that is so important for chronic pain because it can be so draining physically and mentally. Spring is a great time to make some future plans and to create an action plan because it is a season of change and that energy can be harnessed for motivation. Whether you embrace change or not it is important to note that it is inevitable because things, people, and pretty much everything changes whether we like it or not.

We plan to embrace change and constantly evolve by making and adjusting our plans bases on our changing individual needs and the changing needs of our relationship. We will keep working on our personal and relationship goals as we enjoy the ride that is our lives. We are glad that you are along to enjoy these changes with us and would love to hear about what your plans or changes are that you plan to embrace so feel free to call in during the live show tomorrow and chat with us as we wrap up this series.

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