Go Play Outside

We got our veggies and flowers planted and we are looking forward to our summer crop already. I got one of my favorites and that is collard greens. They are so hearty and they produce until it snows in the fall. Flowers add a pop of color that makes me smile every day as I walk around the yard barefoot.

Last year I was in a lot more pain as I didn’t have my surgery yet. I am in less pain and love working in the garden. I have started working from home and this gives me plenty of time to take break and get outside. So the common theme for this post is to go outside and play.

We all need to get more time outdoors. If you can do this barefoot it is even more beneficial but at least go outside. The sunshine is good for our physical health, mental health, and it boosts our mood. We as adults need to be a good example for children by encouraging them to play outside as well.

Get creative and take breaks outside by taking a walk or riding a bike. Even just standing with bare feet or doing a few yoga positions helps improve my mood and makes me more productive in my work. I am starting my internship this week so I need to stay focused, organized, and active to achieve my goals.

If you are planning a summer trip make sure to include some physical activity and if you can get outside that is ideal. We are going to stay at an AirBnB at a lake so we can swim and play during our vacation. This will improve our mind, body, and spirit as we get some outdoors time and enjoy friends and family.

Christie Rose

Published by Mental Acumen Radio

We are the hosts of a Radio show on FreedomizerRadio.com.

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