Celebrate Your Uniqueness

We have been talking about many “alternative” lifestyles on the show. We try to bring them to a positive light in that we are all unique individuals and there are a multitude of life choices we make every single day. This is part of what makes our life experiences unique.

This is cause for celebration because life would be very boring if we were all the same. Such as same backgrounds, same jobs, same family size… and that is just for starters. Think about some of the things that make you unique and special today.

We will be LIVE ON AIR today at 5:30pm MST / 6:30pm CST and we would love to hear about what makes you unique such as skills you have, your future goals, or something you have overcome in your life this far.

Please leave us a comment about this or any past or future shows to let us know what you like or dislike.

Donald and Christie Rose

Published by Mental Acumen Radio

We are the hosts of a Radio show on FreedomizerRadio.com.

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