Learning to Can Pickles

This is not an easy undertaking! However, the rewards are abundant and delicious. 🤤😃

Have you ever wanted to learn how to can fruits and veggies during the growing season so you can enjoy your garden fresh foods all winter? I highly recommend doing your homework and there are a lot of resources out there. I won’t list all my resources here but I will let you know that learning the safety essentials are first and foremost. This includes safe temperatures for processing and acid levels.

Hope I didn’t lose you there. Thankfully you can take baby steps and pickles are an easy place to start. I even made refrigerator pickles to start because you don’t need to process them at all. After you learn about safety then you will need the produce and the equipment to proceed.

I have made several batches of jelly and tweak things each time until I get it right where I want it. I do have a raspberry bush in my backyard so I know that the berries are high quality and they don’t need any chemicals so I feel good about sharing my jelly. You can prioritize what the most important aspects are to you.

Canning produce can be very budget friendly because the jars can be reused and save you money by not paying higher prices for out of season produce.

Canning goes way beyond pickles and jelly so I want to encourage you to do your own research and feel free to share recipes for your favorites. In fact I am starting an old school recipe box with index cards to save my favorites and making them easy to find.

Join us Mondays 5:30pm MST / 6:30pm CST as we will be talking all things good this next episode.

Donald and Christie Rose

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