Work Smarter Not Harder

I have heard this so many times throughout my life from many different people. You may have heard this before as well. However, there are sometimes when I have felt limited such as by money, time, or policies. So when I had the time or money then I would invest in learning about ways to make things easier for myself.

Soooo I LOVE having a clean house buuuuttt I don’t love cleaning. If you love cleaning then kudos and much respect. The rest of you may enjoy learning about how I discovered I could do less scrubbing.

I discovered the drill brush and purchased one to use on my corded drill. There are some YouTube videos that give instructions on how to make your own but I think purchasing one was a safer option for me. So far I have tested the brushes on my textured shower floor, kitchen sink, and textured refrigerator. I am so impressed by how easy it is to use and recommend trying it out.

Of course if you have questions or would like some videos or before and after photos just comment below and let me know.

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Donald and Christie Rose

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