Harvest Season is in Full Swing

Over the next few months many fresh produce items will be ripe for the picking. If you have a backyard garden you will notice the fruits of your labor producing delicious edible gifts. It’s not too late to learn about food storage options and plan to employ this new found knowledge.

Honestly I feel like food storage and winter prep is an art form that takes gaining a wealth of knowledge and practicing until satisfactory results are reached. I wish I had access to the women elders from my family tree that perfected this art form so that I could get all my questions answered and skip some of the trial and error that accompanies learning a new craft. Alas that is not an option. However we are fortunate to have internet access that allows us a wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips so I am taking advantage of that tool.

I follow a homesteading family to begin my canning journey and this was a great start because the woman details just enough to inform without overwhelming so if you want her info just comment below as I am not necessarily promoting her material. Anyway, as I mentioned in my learning to can pickles post I have taken baby steps. I have progressed to canning fresh picked tomatoes (already tested and work great for making fresh green chile. 😃

I have also canned fresh tart cherries and palisade peaches (also tested – made a delicious gf cobbler). Now is the time to start calculating how many of these cost effective treats we will need to sustain our household for the winter so that we can enjoy the fresh taste of local produce harvested at the peak of the season. I anticipate this will save us a sizable chunk of money on our winter grocery bills. Not to mention the ease of opening a canned item that is easier to prepare for a meal than cutting, peeling, and chopping the fresh items would be.

So I just want to plant the seeds of knowledge that maybe our grandparents were on the right track when they harvested the backyard garden and stored the produce that sustained the family through the cold winter months when food is less accessible, nutrient rich, and definitely costs more. I would be glad to discuss this with you via email, as a guest on the show, or in the comments below so don’t hesitate to reach out. People need people and people need knowledge to evoke and grow.

Christie Rose Yielding – Host of Mental Acumen Radio and Health Coach

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